Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Terminal Madness!

I decided it was time for a proper maintenance terminal function, so I coded up a rather crude but functional terminal maintenance function.

It goes hand in hand with logging boot status and game state changes etc, and will allow for _much_ speedier creation of game rules without actually pressing switches. Commands can also be chained, so I can easily create a sequence of actions to be simulated to properly activate features and modes instead of faking it by turning a specific mode flag on etc. This prevents me from mistakenly forgetting to reset something that might break the game - very handy! 
1) UECIDE (how's the new name going, Majenko? ;) ) with a terminal active. Me gusto. 
Now, if only there was a smart and efficient way of handling game code from EEPROM or SD-card. That would be excellent since a re-flash both take a long time and waste a full erase cycle on the Chipkit (a process that eventually will break the board).

It should be relatively easy to achieve, but it must be robust and extensible.

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