Wednesday, September 2, 2015


I've installed the sound board and light board now (light cables are still not done thou).

There's a slight ghosting issue present, hopefully it won't be disturbing with the proper lights as I've seen commercial machines do this as well, if you look closely enough. The problem is caused by the weirdest error ever - the lights are running perfectly when connected to a computer and receiving serial input. But when connected to the Chipkit it just goes bonanza. Naturally I suspected the Chipkit first due to recent interrupt changes, but the sound board worked fine on different serial ports and speeds so there's no problem with the serial ports, of that I'm sure.

I realized I was using a rather long (with delayMicroseconds()) interrupt routine on the Arduino and this caused problems with the serial input - but only when connected to another microcontroller... I shorted it down and now it works with the Chipkit, but is instead plagued with ghosting. Which it really shouldn't be doing. It's pretty weird, but for now this "workaround" will do great, but I'll  revisit this in the future if it turns out to be a proper problem. 

I've also programmed highscore saving/loading as well as proper settings saving/loading and a hardware alert routine during boot. The servos started acting up as a result of the interrupt driven display so I replaced the interrupt servo routine with a software based one instead. Seems to work well, except for an occasional servo "tick" now and then on the first out of two servos. This can probably be avoided by doing some magic in the library-code, as I suspect it's dropping due to a timer reset or similar. Quite possibly a dummy servo can be configured to take the hit instead...

Overall the machine is starting to feel really slick now and the software is bumped up to version 0.85!

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