Tuesday, September 15, 2015


I've gone ahead and started butchering the light cables.
And I only killed seven switches in the process...

Man, it kinda hurts...but it will be all worth it when finished! :)
I will be able to say "light #5, that's red/blue" and see if the problem is the bulb, the board or MOSFET's etc. Troubleshooting will be a lot easier!

1) Old cables removed and the new ones await installing!

2) They don't look much, but will mean the world to Mr Bubbles!
I might need to order another batch of cables thou - apparently 60 m isn't enough ...


  1. Hi!
    Firstly, awesome project!
    We have just started to build our own pinball as well, and I have so many questions :).
    Do you have a schematic for the pinball electronics, or specifically for the solenoid drivers?
    We have coils with two windings, and I'm driving the primary/low resistance winding using a P30N06L where I first turn it on with full power for 10 ms, and then use use them with a pwm signal of 5.8kHZ with a duty cycle of 23%. That works, but its quite noisy.
    Do you use single or double winding coils for your flippers? Do you use the eos switch?
    Best regards,

    1. Hi there!

      Cool, more pinball machines can only be a good thing!
      I'm using single winded coils for everything except the flippers, which are double wound. They use the EOS-switch, which switches the current to the high resistance "low power" mode automatically. I only use full duty cycles except for the up-post and the magnet. I have a post about the flippers and the wiring too. :)

    2. Ah, here it is:

  2. Hi! Thanks for the reply, really helpful. We are using the EOS-switch now as well and it works good, except for some heavy lighting when the EOS-switch is opened, but maybe that is expected :). According to this: https://howtobuildapinballmachine.wordpress.com/

    1. Yes, the sparks are "normal" for this operation, but undesirable. :)

      Older pinball machines often have miscoloring/burnmarks around the solenoids for this reason. I removed the sparks by installing capacitors like so:

  3. So... with no update for a while and with the original theme for this pin in mind I have come to the conclusion you must have a copy of Fallout 4 and are currently wandering the wastes.

    Hopefully you can update us on this project soon.

    Did anything ever come of the CNC machine? I never did work out what was wrong with that drawing.


    1. Hey man!
      And thanks! Fallout 4 is indeed in my collection these days, pre-ordered and all! :)

      I live in a flat (with no garage) with two kids so building space is limited. I've also said to myself I won't start any new builds until the pinball is complete. But the CNC is, as opposed to building a pinball machine, pretty much a case of sawing a couple of boards, screwing stuff together and start using it. So once I got the space for it I will put it together. :)

      The problem with the blueprint was that the X-axis motor was actually in an impossible position inside the Y-axis (up/down). The cart must be bigger or use smaller motors to work properly. :)

  4. Thanks for the update and the new post!

    Best of luck with wiring, the project you have undertaken is huge. I know what you mean, it is tough to stop and start complicated projects. You really need a few hours just to get "in the zone" before you get really productive. A cable a day sounds like a good plan. Even if you can sit down and stretch it to a whole row on a light matrix once a week you might find it more productive and less "now where was I up to..."

    Completely different to your CNC project but along the same line. I'm not playing Fallout 4 until I play through the many games that I have in my collection and not played. This is hard!!! I'm a pretty big Fallout 3 fan, I've logged several hundred hours in total and multiple play throughs. At my current rate of gaming by the time I get to Fallout 4 all the bugs should be squashed and a GOY edition with all the DLC should be out!

    I've never played fallout 1 or 2, now I'm intrigued. Maybe I'll have to add this to my list under my other games and before Fallout4?