Monday, May 5, 2014

I'm back!

I'm back from touring Europe! \m/

Now I'll just need to structure things up and start digging through the remaining points on the machine!


  1. Could I have a Schematic for your Solenoid Driver? I would like to attempt to repair my old EM Pinball using this method. I won't be doing a DMD or Any display, I would like to use the Score reels and Bells. I can use the 0 positions on the reels to do this. Eventually once I get the hang of it a bit better I might spend more money on a DMD, If that goes well I may continue and build a custom playfield. I don't see me doing Animations and all that though. A DMD and some toys on the field.

    1. Hi man!

      Thanks for your interest in my build and blog! :)
      I'm using a prebuilt board (basically - MOSFET's on a board) from Sparkfun due to lazyness, but my friend Stu has designed a wicked board that you may take part of or build your own.

      Check it out at !