Thursday, March 20, 2014

A little slow on the updates...

Things have been slow lately and will become even slower - I'm going on tour with my band.
During April we'll be around in Europe so there will be very little time and thoughts going to the pinball machine. Planning the tour and dealing with various venues all over the world, along with rehearsing with a new band member, has taken most of my time this year (and a good portion last year as well).

But when I'm back, I intend to finish the machine up fast! Time to wrap it up! :)

Meanwhile, you can all help me decide on a position for my new crawler splicer figure...

1) This way...?

2) Or like this?

3) Maybe even this. But then the right area looks crowded.
4) It's also possible to have it like this. Perhaps even just the upper body.

I purchased the figure to add some detail to the left area of the board, but which position do you think looks the best?

Oh, and by the way - this is how the package looked upon arrival. *thumbs up* 

5) The postal office needs Anger Management in their lives!