Saturday, July 27, 2013

Brain transplant successful!


Got my Chipkit replacement today!

1) A larger than usual box made me suspicious... 

2) Ah! There's my little box!

I noticed a small difference between the old and new board -
I guess I wasn't the only one having problems with the USB port, right?
3) Factory-applied hot glue on the USB port! Note the perfectly aligned USB port (not!) as well... 


I moved all the cables into their correct position, burnt the firmware onto the new card, booted the machine and this happened...


What had happened was that I've accidentally swapped the start button with the motor pin, so the motor revved up to about fifty million RPM and due to not being perfectly aligned (kinda causing a rumble effect actually) it tore the arm off.

It's a good thing actually - now I know that super glue wasn't enough and I'll need to put a screw in there as well. Glad it happened now and not under the glass!

Once that was fixed I was back on track!

Oh, I even got hardware status feedback from the soundboards after a firmware update and some soldering - and it's awesome!
Previously the only feedback would be a single message being sent over the serial port which could easily been missed. Now I'll just pull the actual status whenever, wherever.

Today was a good day!

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