Monday, February 11, 2013

It moves like Jagger!

Got the motors running just now!

I had quite a struggle getting them to run due to a) pretty crappy chinese documentation and b) I missed the fact that each motor had it's own enable line that must be held high during operation.
But they seem to be working fine and are actually a lot less noisy than I expected them to be.
Hopefully they'll have enough juice to drive my rig...

1) Driverboard, power supply and X,Y,Z-stepper motors. In case you're wondering why there are unplugged cables everywhere - the motors are bi-polar 6-cable versions and only 4 are required. They will be cut appropriately during assembling... 
Now I'll just need to get my hands on the rest of the parts and start building!


  1. nice. they nema23's? whats the amp draw on those babies? I have a bunch of nema17's for my reprap I'm building.

    what spindle are you going to use for your router?

  2. Hehe, good eyes! ;)
    Yepp - they're Nema23's. They are rated at 3A each and hopefully have enough torque to drive my rig. Actually, I couldn't prevent them from spinning by holding the axel manually so I'm not awfully worried about that. :P
    57BYGH633 is the model number.

    I will be using a multitool for the prototype version, which should suffice as a proof of concept. I've seen a large amount of smaller CNC's on youtube using dremels/multitools etc with pretty decent results. But eventually I'll replace it with something similar to this one ( ).

    Still haven't gotten my hands around actually building it yet, still working on the plans (constantly redesigning!) and still haven't purchased the remaining hardware (wood/MDF's, screws etc). But soon! :)