Sunday, January 20, 2013

Major Setback, or Sergeant Crap.

I left the USB-cable dangling outside the pinball machine, still connected to the Chipkit MCU.
Then my daughter found it.
And pulled it.

Now I've got to get myself a new Chipkit.


  1. Ouch, that's no fun. Have you thought about using an Arduino Due instead of Chipkit?

  2. I was using an Arduino previously, but there's just to little processing power. In the Due case there's not enough I/O pins and a bit short on the RAM side. The game code is LARGE. Not bloated, just large.
    Besides - I don't feel like rewriting all the libraries again... I already did this going from Arduino Mega to Chipkit Max32. :D

    My biggest hope is to simply replace the USB-port of the Chipkit. Since it might even be doable without unplugging the entire thing this seems to be the easiest way out... The downside is - should it need to be disconnected, I got a ton of cables to keep track of. Despite it residing in a big box, there's actually not a lot of empty space in there... :)
    Plan B would be to solder the USB-extensioncord directly into the USB socket pins. This may even be preferred, actually.