Thursday, January 10, 2013

Parts of me...

Thought I'd post a couple of pictures on some of the playfield parts.

1) The 'Advance Clock' lane of the upper level. A passage feeds the ball from the top level to the right orbit.

2) The custom habitrail from the upperlevel to the right inlane. It seem to be held up by magic, floating in mid-air...


  1. I really wish you had a better camera to show off properly how good this is looking. :-)

    How did you end up doing that custom habitrail?
    Did you send it off to a company to make from CAD drawing or bend it yourself?

  2. Is this the first time you have given details of your upper playfield?

  3. Lachlan,
    Me too! The weird thing is that the quality of the camera has really degraded more and more during the time it's taken to build the machine. I hope to get a new camera (mobile phone actually) soon thou! :D
    The habitrail is customized in so that I've taken the right habitrail from the game Corvette, cut away the midsection and welded it together. There's a post of it somewhere in the blog. :)
    However, my friend who's building a limited series of pinball machines will be making fully custom habitrails via a company here in Sweden. They will rock! :)

    Not sure. There may be earlier pictures with the upper playfield sitting unattached in the machine. But it could also be that I've taken pictures of it but not uploaded. :)

  4. Stu,
    Here's an entry with a couple of pictures on the upper playfield :)

  5. Can you please contact me at derrick AT hotmail DOT nl
    I wanted to talk to you about something but i cannot find the "contact" page!