Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Drillmaster Deluxe and the Visual Gang (featuring Interior)

I spent a little time dissecting an old electric "pepper-grinder" to get the motor that was inside and insert it into the Big Daddy toy I'm working on. The results were actually better than I expected and the rotating drill will now be a part of the final toy's range of movements.

Basically, what I did was cutting away the old forearm since the motor was slightly to big to sit inside the drill itself. The motor will be covered up (probably only painted to prevent overheating) so that it will look like the original forearm of Mr Bubbles.

1) The original arm - about to be dismantled!

2) The various pieces of the right arm. Unfortunately I didn't take any 'before cutting' pictures.
The motor is already inserted as you can see in the picture.

3) Close-up of the new forearm/motor. Will be painted green etc to match the original arm.
But as you can see...

4)'s already hardly noticeable that a swap has occurred. The white plastic inside the protection-bars will not be
there when assembled properly - this is just a mockup assembly for the camera. ;)

I was a little nervous that I might not be able to make it spin, but it turned out great!
The only thing that wasn't so great was the mist of superglue that I accidentally sprayed onto myself when gluing the motor/drill connector in place!

I connected the motor before letting the glue dry completely and saw a burst of glue spray out from the motor. I could smell the superglue so I wouldn't be surprised if it got into my nose as well. There was a lot of eye-drops being used during that night in fear of going blind.

Lesson learned:

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