Monday, July 17, 2017

Pixels be rollin'...

It is with immense satisfaction the first few pixels has been drawn with the new motherboard!

Everything is very basic and the frame is currently hardcoded in 8 shades, but runs well in 16 as well (it's slightly difficult to see without having a proper image though). But it is running the new render routine with interrupt transfers and as a CoreTimer service.

1) Motherboard and DMD, sitting in a tree... The "pulsing" effect on top and bottom rows are simply
8 different shades being drawn. The timing of each color has not yet been adjusted and the screen overlay
is not in place either, which dims pixels and thus make each shade more pronounced.

I'll have to redo the main project file as well, as the one I did the PCB-tests on no longer works. I don't know why and haven't really investigated - now I can implement each section properly and without any guess work instead.

Next I'll get some basic DMD functionality in place before going on to other components.

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