Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Trouble in paradise!

Still waiting for the final parts... but...

It seems there might be an issue with the power section.
It would seem that current leak from 12/5V into the 3.3V and more or less turn on the circuit even if there's just a single voltage lane (that should be off) active. It could also be that the debug ChipKit I am using, an old broken one, could be outputting current on the power status connection (which will be an input later) enough to open the gate.

As always with electric and digital troubleshooting, the hardest part is usually finding the error. In this case, most likely a well placed diode will remedy the issue. I will look into this tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure it's a minor detail.

On a side note - 
I'm certain the end result will be worth it, and there's really no other way to do it properly than to remove all the old "gunk" and re-do it piece by piece. Properly.

So close, almost there - only to be torn apart again.
It's a bit scary to dismantle the machine...

Monday, April 17, 2017

Quick update from the land of PCB's!

Almost done with the circuit board!

Just the ATX connectors that needs salvaging from other boards and the power sockets that I've forgot (?) to order. Other than that, it should be ready for a check and conversion from old to new.

I'm especially proud of the big capacitor "UPS" for the ChipKit and the accompanying power sense circuit, meaning that the board will run for a few milliseconds after the power disappear, just long enough to save data to the EEPROM and shutdown things neatly. The watchdog will still kill any lingering solenoids, but it won't hurt to properly turn them off.

1) Almost fulled assembled. Sorry for potato quality picture!