Sunday, February 26, 2017

Order's placed!

Fingers crossed - board is ordered!

But not from DirtyPCB's - from Seeed Studio instead. Half the cost as well, which is nice.
Minimum order was 5 so I'll have to spare in case I mess up!

Something like this will be what I'm getting:

1) Should be rounded corners, but the preview doesn't show. Either this manufacturer doesn't allow it
or the preview doesn't show them. Probably the latter since it allows for quick re-theming of the colors,
leading me to think it's simply a color rectangle slabbed on top. 
I also created and added a small PCB-adapter to push all random left-over pins into a single connector along with 5V, GND, serial and I2C for possible future add-ons. 

Wish me luck!


  1. The chipkit max32 is a fantastic board to use for pinball, are you programming in c or c++

    1. It is indeed!

      I am coding in c++, or close to that. Still using the native boot loader so much of the coding is writing to Chipkit registers etc. But despite language, the real gain comes from interfacing with and unloading work to hardware. :)

  2. I haven't worked out how to program rules very well,but doing if and else statements I would be interested to purchase one of your boards if you decide to sell them and would like to view your code