Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Shame! Shame! Shame!

My plan failed - I have not been able to work on the pin as much as I wanted to.
Music, life, family and a lot of other cool things has simply been taking all my time.
But fear not; Soon the new workflow shall rise from the ashes of the old! ;)

Also; Game of Thrones.
Last two episodes were killer! \m/


  1. Righto, you've got a deadline now, it's totally doable too, September this year. Why September? Because this: http://steamcommunity.com/games/BioShockInfinite/announcements/detail/970906010089704391

    The BioShock series remastered! That's right, when you aren't playing your amazing (and finished) BioShock pinball machine you'll be able to play BioShock in all it's remastered glory on PC. Double BioShock goodness, get on it!


    1. Haha!

      Well, yes... the deadline has been new year's, but September would be even better, hehe. Perhaps I'll have to update all the visual effects once the remastered series has been released hehe. Not that I'm sure it will affect my 128x32 videos thou... ;D

  2. Updates?
    We need to push each other more! Come on, let's get things done!

    1. I've actually been doing a little work, just nothing post-worthy! But most of the diodes has been soldered and I'm scouting for material to fix the holder solenoid to the main solenoid for the captive ball mechanism. Hopefully something to show soon! :)

      Thanks for checking in - and pushing me on! \m/

      How's your machine coming along?