Thursday, March 10, 2016

Nothing bad...

...that doesn't bring any good, right?

Having some forced time-out from soldering made me focus on game rules instead, and it hit me -
I'm not done with the playfield just yet.

I have a one way gate planned, which actually was planned for but never made it to the "final" playfield because of time and technicalities. The gate would be sitting between the vent and motorized targetbank, preventing direct shots (or at least partially) into the bumper area. I might do a half gate to allowing less-than-direct shots to pass/bounce into the bumpers thou. I did work around the lack of a gate by blatantly pushing The Masterpiece and New Years Eve-corresponding actions up one floor, to the upper level. But this way allows me to use my original ideas which, quite frankly, sound a lot more fun!

I also found a spare flasher that I can place somewhere now that I got plenty of free flasher-channels. I'm thinking it would be a cool effect to put it behind the Big Daddy and possibly killing all lights and strobe that flasher during his awakening. The shadows should be pretty cool and the effect of the red eyes in the dark would be nice too!

The next part is getting rid of the captive ball and replacing it with a ball lock, similar to the one i recent Stern games such as Avatar, Rolling Stones or X-Men. It will be a tight fit, but I have all the parts and just need to Frankenstein them together. The best of it all - it costs me more or less nothing, and is more or less a matter of screwing things together.

This should be the equivalent of taking a bathroom break on a road trip, so nothing major. While waiting for my soldering iron replacement to arrive, there's not much else I can do. :)

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