Monday, June 1, 2015

Quick update!

Things are moving along!

Had some trouble getting it to run and I looked all over the board for errors... then I realized I'd simply entered the wrong pin order in the sketch... That's what you get when creating a program before the hardware is made. :)

1) The lightboard works and the light update routine has been written! The last row is blank simply because that power line has not yet been connected. Also - a special "bonus" is getting its programming done as well...

The old Mega-board has made its comeback. For some reason the Nano-board has thrown in the towel and the 5V-pin measurs only 2+V. On top of that the serial port does not get recognized by the computer, so I figure it's broken. But I'll drop in the Mega as a replacement rather than purchasing (yet) another board. :)