Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lights. Aaaw yis!

And it's completed! 

1) The finished lightboard, all populated and ready to go! This is easily my most aesthetically pleasing and most well thought through circuit board I've made. I'm also pretty satisfied with the fact that I've more or less never touched electronics on this level before starting the build. There are two power chains, 5+ and 12+ (or whatever I decide to hook up), and I've put 2A fuses on each power chain. My plan is to run the device with all lights active and in case the fuses burn out I'll increase the fuse rating. I'm not putting it back untested again...

I've spent the evening finishing up the lightboard (yesterday was spent on upgrading the WAV Trigger firmware) and it turned out great! Unless I've forgotten a cable or two in the logic channels it's ready to be put back into the machine. I'll probably develop the new required light code out of the machine first (on the Arduino board) so that I don't have to hunch more than necessary. :)

 The only thing I'm slightly worried about is burning out the last row of the LED-matrices, since the current limiting resistor is the same as the others. I haven't done the math for those yet, but I kind of hope that the green ones will simply be dimmer and the red ones within safe margins...

2) Green lights on the top seven rows...

3) ... and red lights on the bottom row, visualizing the higher voltage power chain.
Once it's tested and ready to go, there's only the small matter of soldering new cables to each light. It's around 60 meters of cable to cut, rig and solder.

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