Thursday, September 19, 2013


Finally got some time to do a little tinkering on the machine!

The transport section between left ramp and top VUK is now in place.
The idea was to use a plastic transport, since I wasn't able to fix the metal version properly...but the fix was amazingly simple.

I simply fastened a plastic extender from the end of the section and the rest just fell in place.
Feels really nice to finally have this section finished - plastic covers and all!

1) Close up of the top left section. 
I also added an extra flasher, since the plastic part was covering up the red light below. I think it both looks better and will probably function better this way as well.

Mr Bubbles got his arm hot glued on and seems to be holding up just fine. Will see how he holds up during a couple of "games". If the arm falls of he'll need some elbow screws...

I also finalized the top right section of the VUK, so that it's bolted in place. Maintenance will be cumbersome, but hopefully won't be needed that often.

I have a couple of things left to do, such as fixing the broken magnet, but no show stoppers and with these additions I can focus on the programming of the actual game itself. Awesome!


  1. hmm is there enough space beyond the gate for the ball to pass and the one way gate to drop shut? It looks like its meant to stop the ball coming back down but I just wonder if there is enough space for the ball to travel past and have the gate fall shut?

  2. Yes, it is actually. :)

    It's not clearly visible in the picture but as soon as the ball reaches the end of the ramp it's being pushed down by the metal stopper onto the transport section. So the one-way gate is really just there as an extra precaution in case the ball jumps etc. The design is based on the original PotC-design and works really great so far. :)

    The hit is registered at the end of the transport section (so far), so the worst case scenario is that the ball somehow manages to escape only to return to the playfield. I have not had any rebounds from the ramp so far thou. :D

  3. A little addition (also not entirely visible) -
    The drop hole is actually shaped like an egg, so the ball has already begun to descend before it reaches the metal stopper.