Sunday, June 30, 2013

Son of a...

I'm pretty sure either the machine is jinxed, or I am.
Was doing a quick adjustment and fried the entire row of switches on the right side of the playfield.
Joy to the world.

The worst part is - I've done this two times before!
"I better turn of the power this time!", and so I did. Did a quick fix and turned the power back on, realized I needed to do another quick fix and BOOM. Short circuit.

I guess I should be thankful the switchboard took the hit and not the CPU, myself or anything else that's hard or expensive to repair! Knowing what I know now I should have made the IC's buffer/overload protected or easily replaced by using sockets. Again, next time.

When doing a quick damage control I noticed that one of the solenoid cables had come loose, so I figure I'll do a full go-through on the machine in a couple of days.

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