Saturday, March 23, 2013

Rinse, repeat...

"-So, what do you do in your spare time?"
"-I'm mostly sitting hunched over my soldering iron and smelling the fumes."
"-Right... I... should be going now."

1) It just keeps bringing more friends along... 
Slowly getting there...
I will genuinely be surprised if even half the ports on this board works when I'm finished with it.

Next time - Pay up, Mr!


  1. did you ever work out the amp draw on bulbs vs leds?

  2. I used this as reference on the bulbs -
    In an earlier post I came to the conlusion that I needed around 6A for 24 lamps to be on at 100% duty cycle. I'll most probably runt them at 25% or so to save energy (and bulbs!).

    As for the amperage on the leds - No, I didn't. But I did try to drive them directly from my circuit without using MOSFET's, and that didn't work very well. The datasheet of my registers (74HC595) species a mere ±6-mA output drive at 5V, which is far too low for the LED's. :)