Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Metal On Metal

I've left the habitrails for professional welding today, since my brazing didn't improve and the results were inferior. There were two major parts that needed welding, the right habitrail exit from the upper level and the transport from the center VUK onto the upper level.
Can't wait for the finished ones!

I've also gotten in touch with a a metalworker who've helped me "water-cut" the custom steel parts that I needed to have fabricated. Great guy, awesome quality and the results came out great!

1) From top left, going clockwise - Servo brackets, 3-targetbank servo bracket and supports, top VUK transport/ball lock, center VUK transport, upper level transport, top VUK support, spinner bracket, protector for center scoop... 
2) A couple of (near completed) pieces. Folding stainless steel is too easy, that's for sure!
Sure, a little touchups here and there are needed - but I think they look great!

The folding on the VUK bracket took quite some time to get right!
Now I'll have a couple of more hours in front of me bending and folding the pieces into their final shape!

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