Saturday, August 4, 2012

About being a tourist...

Spent a week in Sweden's capitol Stockholm with my two favorite girls.
Quite nice being a tourist in your own country actually - there's a lot to see!

(This post contains possibly disturbing images later on, just so you know)

1) Idyllic is the word here! 
2) In swedish these animals say "Bääääää". Don't know what they say in other languages thou.
3) A little too cold in the water (still!) for my daughter, so she took a little suntime on solid ground instead...
4) ...after which it's obligatory to take a nap. 
5) Visited a big game hall and played some pinball (of course), arcade games and my new favorite game - In the Groove 2! But it became painfully obvious I need to exercise more!  

6) We got some pretty neat buildings here as well!
7) In the 17th century, Sweden was in war with Poland and decided to build a big-ass warship. Unfortunately/fortunately the ship sunk less than a nautical mile away from the docks!
The ship was made too narrow and the ship simply got flooded when a light wind hit the side of the ship.
The shipbuilders knew this would happen but didn't have the courage to tell their king... 
8) But nevertheless - A pretty awesome ship! And more than a little reminiscent of The Black Pearl in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, isn't it? 

9) One of the diver suits that were used in the salvaging work. The Big Daddies in Bioshock are subjects in Deep Sea-diving suits as well, similar to this.
10) One of the numerous excellent meals we had during our visit!

11) We also visited a kids adventure land to see the Body Worlds exhibit. A pretty weird place to host a collection of real dead people frozen in time, if you ask me! All objects were real humans with their skin removed, posed and exposed for our viewing pleasure. Morbid, to say the least!
12) The place got me reminded of the work of Sander Cohen in the Bioshock series, with the major difference being his  victims didn't volunteer. 

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