Thursday, July 26, 2012

Faith in humanity - Restored!

Sometimes individuals have the power to make the world a little better for somebody else.

A couple of days ago the build came to a screeching halt since I ran out of screws (hey, I miscalculated the amount needed, could've happened to anyone!). Since I wanted to 'keep it real', only genuine pinball screws are allowed in this build so things were standing still for a couple of days.

But here's the kicker - I was offered help in a most unexpected way:

1) Humanitarian aid - hardware style.
I was given a large quantity of screws and a couple of fuses as well by a person who doesn't know me, but would like to support the build. In return, he just wants a couple of credits in-game when the build is done.

So I say, a big thank you, ALF!
And you're more than welcome to join the pinball party when my machine is playable!

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