Sunday, June 3, 2012

Inserts are inserted (pun intended)

Quick update - did a little powertooling so all inserts fit properly now.
Next time I'll measure the inserts more carefully!

1) Playfield with inserted inserts. They are currently not glued in place.
A little sanding is up next, then glue, touchups and paint!
I did try to get a good shot of the playfield, but my cell-camera seems to have given up completely... The "black" inserts at the bottom are dark green and the round insert at the bottom is blue.

What a beaut'!


  1. amazing! :) do you have it in cad? what did you use? I started playing with turbocad this week. man its hard. Im only in 2d mode. I see you have insert holes routed different widths to slide inserts into. I assume you did your pf in 3d cad? it is hard in 2d, I cant image doing it in 3d.

    learning this cad stuff is demoralising.

    tour PF looks fantastic, I do not recognise the original game tho, what is it based on?

  2. Thanks! :)

    I used Autocad WS (free) to draw it, but only in 2D. I could have done 3D, I guess, but Autocad is not a program I'm fluent with. :)
    There's really only two depths so I made to different drawings with two different depths (through and 6 mm). This made it easier to work with for me but a full 3D would be easier for the CNC-shop to work with. The artwork was created using the same blueprints so there should be a 100% match between the playfield and graphics when it's been applied.

    If you can't recognize the playfield I based it on, I made a good job... ;)
    It's actually based on handbook-scans of the Medieval Madness board (to get reference shooting directions only) which I then modified and created my table around. Basing it on an existing layout was a huge time saver and hopefully the game will flow as planed with minimal fuss when completed...

  3. I dont see the troll popup squares? no troll equivalents on this pf?