Saturday, May 26, 2012

There are signs everywhere!

Half a million pieces are completed!

1) Cut signs and playfield plastics with decals partially applied. The large piece below everything else is the top loop piece - it's a bit rough in the edges because it's not yet completed. It didn't align perfectly with the loop rails so I'll have to redesign either to make them match.

Man, I need to clean my keyboard!

Starting to get pretty good at cutting, sanding and wet sanding now!

Note that most of the playfield plastics are missing their decals. It's simply because I haven't got the playfield/or drawings yet to mark the drill holes.


  1. looks really good. how you sticking them under the plastic? whats good adhesive that wont peel? I was going to get a sheet of lexan or somehing to cut for my plastics.

  2. Actually, I'm not. :)
    The decals are simply attached on top of the overlays, hopefully the printing won't scratch off that easily in case of flying balls and whatnot.
    The plastic I'm using is quite like lexan, I've tried to bend and twist it and it doesn't break. So it should withstand and beating the pinballs can throw on it. :)

    As for adhesive I don't really know, the printing studio printed directly on industrial "sticker-paper". :)
    But I know that they can also print window decals that are meant to be placed on the inside looking out, but I figured regular decals would suffice for my means. It also covers up any mistakes I've made cutting/scratching, hehe...