Sunday, May 20, 2012

That's some wood news!

If everything goes as planed I'll have the final playfield routed and finished in about two weeks!

I have discussed and looked at the drawings together with the CNC-shop (a new one, the old one couldn't create the piece I wanted) and after a couple of trips back and forth it now looks as it should in the router software. Apparently the format I used earlier was too old to support some of the features I used in the drawing, while looking good in the CAD software they never became 'available' to process for routing.

But after a re-save in a newer format everything became routable in the final drawing, so we've booked a manufacturing date in early June.

Then I'll have a couple of exciting days of fitting inlays, sanding and painting the playfield before applying the final decal! Can't wait!

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