Monday, May 21, 2012

Plastic Fantastic!

Got the plastic playfield decals printed today and they're looking every bit as good as the rest of the artwork! Sorry, no picture this time - I'll post a couple when they've dried up and been attached to their plastic counterparts!

1) Cut, but not applied, decals. Will look great when finished!
I also took a sample decal to a car-paintshop and had them clearcoat it to check for color discolorations and/or other problems before the final playfield is treated. Two samples were sprayed and one of them left to dry and the other was heated dry. The colors seem to handle the process but there were a little bubbling in the heated one. The painter told me it would probably disappear with another layer of lacquer so he's going to try that as well.

Hope for the best, since this allows me to have a really really really nice and durable finish on the playfield!

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