Thursday, December 29, 2011

Visual Orgasm

Got the new display delivered by FedEX just now!

Plugged it in.
It works.
Looks a million times better than the last one!

There seems to have been some timing differences between the two so at the moment there's a lot of ghosting going on (this display is probably faster than the old) so I will need to tweak the code a little.

Starting of to be a great day!


Turns out it was the logic level converter that was the problem. The old display required +5V logic levels while the new one only require +3.3V, thus rendering the converter obsolete.
Even worse so - it kept a slight current residue on all pins and blurred the display.

I bypassed it and now it looks rather nice! :D


It seems I still got a bit of ghosting going on. Above each lit pixel is a dimly lit ghostpixel. I'm investigating this now and it is really bothering me. To be continued.


  1. what sku did you get from mouser? I get all my stuff from them, but nothing like the dmds that pinballlife had. unless its the replacement glass I see...
    $139 for the international version.

  2. I got a Vishay LED display, 128x32 Neon orange with discrete LED's instead of modules. Very nice!

    I cannot use regular DMD's since I lack the correct PSU, driver boards and god knows what else. :)

  3. do you have the item number from mouser?

  4. This is the link for the display:

    Be sure to check the datasheet so you get discrete LED's and not modules. The modules are seldom aligned properly and leave gaps in the displayed image. I will provide a comparison shot on the old vs new display later on.