Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck...

Just sent blueprints to the factory to get a cost estimate and approval before it's going through the CNC machine. Turns out all carpenters/woodworker shops I've spoken to declined my design because it was to advanced for them. I guess the effects of a more computerized society is becoming increasingly evident among craftsmen as well...  I had to resort to having an expensive CNC cutout after all.

It turns out I need 148 holes drilled (not counting regular inserts) for lights and posts alone etc. Stuff really adds up after a while! On top of that all the inserts and special holes, ball-locks etc. 
Quite a beefy design in other words!

Anywho -
I'm a bit nervous that I've missed or entered a digit wrong somewhere, but it's been so long without any progress so I'm thinking I'll probably be able to fix/drill a single or some holes on my own in case of emergency.

Fingers crossed!


  1. I am envious. Did you complete your whitewood to test all the angles of your shots? I am going to hand drill/route my board myself :( in guessing shop cnc would kill my budget.

  2. :)
    But I've based my shot layout on a classic well-proven table so hopefully the shots will flow all right despite the lack of a proper whitewood.
    I've kind of broken my budget a long time ago, it has now become more or less "finish at any costs". You'll see... ;)

    I would have drilled it myself actually, if I'd have a proper workshop to do it in. With a newborn and my "shop" residing in our living room I'm rather limited in what I'm able to do myself. :)