Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Still no tango

Mini-me has still not arrived! 

And not much has been done on the machine.
I've gathered soundclips and started to outline where and when the various soundclips are to play - but nothing solid yet.


  1. Thanks for all the updates. I'm designing my own pin at the moment, trying to get as much down on paper before $$$ starts going out the door. How do you like working with the 48vdc and atx psu's? did you find the 48vdc can drive all your solenoids at once? I'm looking at the meanwell 48vdc 350watt ac-dc psu for driving my solenoids.. not entirely sure tho..

  2. Hi there!

    I'm not at the point where the machine is fully assembled yet, but so far the +48 VDC PSU is holding up nicely, no problems at all firing both flippers and autokicker solenoids etc. It's also nice that there's a couple of AMP's extra "hidden" inside the PSU for shorter burts without damaging it.

    I'm not sure if AC/DC is the best choice here, thou. The PSU I chose (48 VDC 7.3A 350W) handle's the solenoids excellently and only cost about 60 dollars.

    No matter how much you plan beforehand, the $$$ will always grow wings and walk out the door on their own anyway... ;)

  3. yeah your psu specs sound exactly like the se-350-48 made by meanwell I am looking at. Good to know it should be ok. I think I may go for the 450watt version, se-450-48, runs 9.4A

    I have not posted much on my blog but there are a few pinball posts.

  4. Holy $#%@# you're making a Fallout pinball machine?? The world will need pics. Video!

  5. Stu, definitely go for the extra watts if you can get them. I only settled for 350 because I didn't find anything higher. ;)

    Anonymous, sorry to disappoint - but the the theme has been changed to Bioshock. A similar theme, but allows for much more color variation and for me the design flowed more naturally (and is looking wicked!). :)
    Maybe there'll be a Fallout pinball machine later on.. ;)