Monday, October 31, 2011

New Theme!

The new theme has been decided and the artwork is nearly done. That's right. DONE!

It turned out supergreat and it actually took less than a week to finish the artwork for the entire cabinet and playfield. A lot of high quality material was available so things just kept rolling.

The theme?

It's really the perfect "replacement" for the original theme - the art deco is there, the decadence and all the major game elements could almost directly be translated into a Bioshock feature. I have a little more work to do on the playfield parts before sending it off to printing.

I'm psyched about the current design and can't wait to get the printed decals in my hand!

In case you're wondering -
The old theme was based on the early Fallout games! Also a setting very dear to me, but it was really hard  to find high resolution images to use and the color palette was mostly brown-isch. With Bioshock, I'm allowed to use blue, red, green, pink, purple etc without it getting weird. It all fits together really nicely. You'll see for yourselves soon enough!

(I won't publish any pictures of the playfield yet, but it will come soon! )

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