Thursday, July 21, 2011

Behind the Scenes

It's been a while since the last post (almost a month!) but things are not standing still. The project has just come to the point where I need a little help. Since I'm making the pinball machine in my living room, there are limits on what can be done around people and pets. Such as working on metal.

I've also finalized the lights layout and the layout of the actual playfield and feel confident enough to do an attempt on a proper whitewood board. Therefor I need to have a new playfield properly routed by professional woodworkers (or find somewhere where I can properly work the wood with electric tools) so that I get nice, clean, cuts for the inserts etc.

I've stretched out to find good companies for printing the artwork for the machine and play field and found a great local company. Just hoping they find the time to aid me with this. The graphics are not 100% done, but hopefully they will be soon.

The ruleset is also taking form and a lot of the features are already decided. If I pull of the things I've planned, this will be one epic board!

So things are indeed moving along quite nicely, it's just happening behind the scenes at the moment.

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