Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We're in control!

It turns out me burning the Wonderboard wasn't really my fault. I had a faulty coil so the circuit shorted. Instead of the minimum 4Ω my coil was 0.004Ω....

Ok... I lied. It was my fault also. I need to have normally closed EOS installed, mine was normally open. That also caused the high resistance coil never to trigger and thus burning the coil when I applied the +48VDC current.

This is how it's supposed to look when done (or redone) correctly:

1) The redone flipper assembly. Note the normally closed EOS switch. I've also installed the capacitors now. The nice thing about this setup (the correct way etc) is that if the EOS switch breaks, the resistance of the coil gets locked in high resistance, which means that the coil shouldn't burn out.
2) A closeup of the connectors. I've decided to use 'hot-plugs' so disconnecting the solenoids will be quick and easy if they need repairs. It also makes it impossible to connect power in the wrong direction since the cables will have matching pairs.

I've tested the setup with a regular ATX-powersupply and the new power driver boards and it works like a charm! Will be receiving my ATX-connectors in a day or two so I can supply the driver boards with +48VDC instead... (Wish me luck!)

Also, I got my MP3 trigger today, yeah!
Now I just need to connect a powersource (buy a powerplug 'head' or drive it directly from Arduino's +3.3VDC) and get FAT16 microSD flash card and I'll be playing MP3's like there's no tomorrow!

Can't wait! 

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