Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More pinball projects!

Just found out a couple of days ago that the Longhorn Engineer is also building a pinball machine. He's come a bit further in his building than I, so check it out at http://longhornengineer.com.

There's also Ed's Junk, who's creating a pinball machine based on the old NBA Hangtime games.
Be sure to check out Ben Heck's pinball project as well at http://benheck.com.
And in case you missed it, Jeri Ellsworth is (was?) building a machine as well as other high-tech stuff I wouldn't dare trying to understand!

I'm pretty sure there's a lot more out that, let me know if you got a project going on - I would love to know about it. It always nice to see others honoring the past and show that pinball is just as great today as it ever was.


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  1. I have also found the following, in addition to the ones you have listed: