Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More cabinet work laid to rest!

Spent a few days mounting the coindoor, siderails and various other pieces on the cabinet. Starting to actually look like a pinball machine now!

1) Top view, start button, coindoor, plunger, skirt and working single ball feeding system.
It needs additional components to support multiple balls, which the final board will have.

2) Inside view of the coindoor, which will eventually take Swedish 5-kronor or simply any coin.
Also, the lever guide assembly which locks the lockdown bar can be seen at the top left. 

3) The mess. Everything looked so neat and tidy before
the big (BIG) power cables took over the place.
I also spent some time beginning on a wire harness, so now all solenoids are plug&play connected to the machine. Of course, once I find a decent solution for having the board in a vertical position while doing work on it, I will fix the wire harness to the board itself. Right now it's a bit messy.

I still fear the day when I need to unscrew EVERYTHING, clean it up, paint it and reassemble it again.

But it will be awesome!

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