Saturday, March 5, 2011

Good old days!

Had a go on a couple of pinball machines last night, and it spurred me even more in the making of my own machine. There's something truly captivating in all those flashing lights, the sound and feeling of the games. It's hard to imagine why only so few people (here at least) still play...

It's also too bad that most of my ideas seems to be done before. But I guess it's about creating a fun game more than anything else. A lot of the major companies created pinball "templates" which were used to base new games on by switching the toys, rules and graphics. But most of the gameplay remained the same.

I'm going to have a go at redesigning the playfield from scratch. The current design has four flippers, but I'm not sure about this design choice anymore. I find myself not using the upper flippers during gameplay as one probably should. But...I'm pretty sure I'll be redesigning it again as soon as I've bolted down a few parts onto the playfield anyway....

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