Friday, October 6, 2017

We shall rebuild!

Getting closer...
I've been struggling getting the light matrix to run properly, since all rows are for some reason active at the same time. I'm thinking the ULN2803a is broken, so I've ordered a replacement. The ULN activates by pulling the row TIP107's to ground, which seems likely in case of a short circuit or similar. We shall see. 

On the other hand - input and output are all up and running and running "very often". I haven't crunched the actual numbers, but it should be in the 500-600Hz range at least. The graphics are a rock solid 60hz (or so, there's no noticeable blinking which would suggesting a minimum of 50hz ) and it doesn't matter if the drawbuffer takes 1 second to create itself, it won't affect solenoids, switches or graphics etc. This means I can most likely use several layers of DMD animations, for instance, one background and one foreground. Should be pretty wicked!

1) Here's a snapshot of my Enterprise Commercial Grade Ultra Deluxe Setup 2000. Still, the various shades
does make a huge impact on the graphics. Looking forward to getting SD card animations up and running!
I'm quite satisfied that there's absolutely no delay anywhere in the code. When the DMD is crunching bits into its registers, the MCU is processing switches/lights etc. The result is a nice double buffered screen in 16 shades and super responsive inputs/outputs. The setup even allows for "autonomous" triggering of slingshot, bumpers and flippers with microsecond delays instead of 15-20 ms previously.

Overall I'm very pleased with the progress thus far!

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