Monday, March 14, 2016

Through The Gates of Hell

Here's a quick preview on the test version of the one-way gate.
It's not nearly as slimmed as I would have hoped, but without special wire bending tools it's impossible to bend smaller angles. The wire is tough!

1) Partially assembled gate.
The gate has changed since this photo was taken, will post update soon.
2) Position on the playfield. The switch registers hits from front and back but
will only allow balls to pass through from the bumper area.


  1. Would that gate be confusing though with the arrow insert pointing towards it?
    Keen for more shots of the playfield, I think you have done an amazing job of the artwork.

  2. Quite the opposite, actually!

    The gate acts as a stand-up target from the front. Without the gate/switch/target the arrow would flash indicating a shot to the bumpers (although in reality - it would be the upper level). So having the gate in place solves a lot of problems that I had to compromise on earlier.

    There's quite a few shots of the playfield, but I'll post detailed shots and rules descriptions in a future post for sure! :)