Friday, July 18, 2014

Glass house and rocks!

Hi guys!

I've been extremely busy since the tour with promotion and work with the band, but I have at least put the glass on now and re-seated a cable to the plasmid saucer. This also (miraculously) fixed the magnet that I deemed to be broken a couple of posts ago(!). Weird!

Anyway - to try to make up for my lack of updates, I'm posting not one, but two videos of the playfield. One idle playfield overview and one where my girlfriend plays a game. The software is running in debug mode, so the lights flicker a bit (due to low refresh rate) and there are not many game rules in play so the game seem more sluggish than it is.

I've also concluded that I must shrink the gap in the right outlane...that thing is ball hungry.

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