Monday, November 18, 2013

Bits and Bytes

Finally an update.

Time is really not my ally these days and since the last post I've not been able to do very much on the machine. I've been busy scheduling gigs for my band, arranging with pressing and distribution of our record, video and photo shoots and a whole lot more. Phew.

But yesterday I got to sit down a program a little and it felt good!

I've decided on a code structure now and will enable feature by feature, ranging from easiest to implement and up. Basic functionality first and then more complex behaviors as needed.
I will program it all using placeholder video and replace the videos as I go, but video has the lowest priority right now and is easily changed when needed. With this approach it's easy to break down each section of the board and independently program it, so the whole task becomes less daunting. In theory, at least.

I have only programmed a couple of basic tasks at the moment, but it's very important that the code is solid, since it should function independently and without human interaction so heavy testing will be required for each mode implemented, whenever a mode is changed etc. But it will be worth it!