Wednesday, June 5, 2013

These boots were made for walking

Well, sort of.

Mr Bubbles has put his feet down and is properly anchored in the ground now.

1) Mr B, King Bubbles, Big D... no, that's not it. I'm thinking about ditching the playfield plastic that will be/was
going to cover the area around Mr Bubbles. I'm not sure thou, since there's no way for the ball to escape in case it
volleys in there... Food for thought!

Before he can swing about, I need to grind a little material of his arm since I managed to insert the servo slightly angled. It won't be visible and won't be a problem, but it's something that needs to be done. Then I need to solder his motor and fix the arm in a removable fashion.

A little tinkering here and there mostly, but still it's something.
It's a swedish holiday and I've got more or less nothing to do, so I'll try to get some soldering on the lights done tomorrow. Would be awesome to have it up and running before the weekend!

The current state of the upper playfield:

2) The upper play area. The cables that are visible will obviously be hidden from view in the final version,
but I haven't decided the best way to route them yet. I'm rather picky when it comes to the upper cable routing
since I really hate visible cabling! 

Looks more or less the same as before, but this time the parts are actually in place and not just laid out to get a nice picture. Shaping up!


  1. one thing that jumps out at me is, that I dont like, you have a direct shot from flipper straight up between the pops, and right into a rollover lane. it looks far too open and I dont know If I'd want to be hitting the rollover lane switch at speed.

    and the magnet seems a long way from the raisable target. I would think it be better to be closer to the target middle target you know you can activate the magnet and catch the ball rebounding from the target, being so far out where it is now, seems like it might not so easily catch on the rebound?

  2. The rollover switch is a new Stern one, so it's a round one and clicks easily both directions - but I share your fear somewhat. It's a slight design oversight that might need correction in the future. At the moment it's a 1/100 chance of actually hitting the switch dead-on. It might be able to redesign it slightly, but I'm more worried that the lane-guide will break thou. :)

    The magnets position is intentional. The ball looses most of it's momentum when it hits the targets, so there shouldn't be a problem. Using a full force pull with the magnet stops a ball at full speed on a pro-pinball. I am however using 48V instead of 70V, so I hope it'll catch a rolling ball at least, hehe.
    If it doesn't work however - there's not much I can do about it now anyway! :D

  3. It just occured to me -
    By putting a one-way-gate with heavy duty wire/flap I should prevent unintentional shots going up the rollover lane.
    That's probably the easiest fix. I could even make it sensible to hits, giving me a target to aim for instead. :)