Sunday, April 14, 2013


It's no surprise that the computer industry is moving forward at lightning speed - but it's astonishing just how much things change over a few years.

I've decided to build a new computer and was happily surfing the net for parts. I decided to see how my old computer's graphics card would measure up to a modern one. Turns out... it doesn't.
It's almost ridiculous...

1) David and Goliath. 
To be fair -
My current computer wasn't bought to do intense gaming, since I had my Xbox for that. But now the old box is obsolete and the next gen is around the corner (still "next-gen"?!). But I figure I'll return to computer gaming for a while as it also benefits in other ways, such as music production and game creation.

But it's always fun to see how far technology has come!


  1. I upgraded a few months back from a 9800 to a GTX660! the difference is awesome!

  2. That sounds promising! :D

    I plan to go the full monty with this one, with more of everything. It won't be the "best of the best", but a upper midlevel machine which should remain powerful a few years at least. If the GTX 680 somehow becomes a bottleneck I'll just slap in another and put them in SLI-mode. Or lower the detail from Ultra to Very High... :)