Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Connecting connections!

Just posting a quick update today. 

I've started to finalize cabling and replacing too long wires, color coding wires etc. That should help tremendously while debugging and/or servicing the board. Besides this I've started to wire up the servo and motor connections with their custom cables.

I'm also doing an updated version of the I/O layout of the board since the old layout got its walking stick rather quickly. The great thing is that this step is crucial when designing a PCB, so when the time comes it should basically just be a matter of placing the components in the drawing since the pin mapping is already made. 

1) Near completed motherboard. The tape retaining the lightboard is not the final version. I'll probably use red tape instead...

Just a few more hours work and the motherboard should be complete!
Unless I've misplaced a wire. Or worse.


  1. Combined madness and beauty. <3

  2. Well, the beauty is in the details..the overall is just... ... it just is. :P
    The more I look at it, the more I long for a real PCB.

    I might do a shortcut - designing a PCB where the existing PCB's (Chipkit, SD, MP3's) can be inserted in slots and the solenoid, switches and lights are part of the PCB. That way I don't have to design or figure out my custom designs for those (not to mention buying the parts needed).