Sunday, April 14, 2013

Another bank bites the dust!

The lightboard is now at 75% completion.
Another solder session and I'll be ready to test it out!

1) Solder mess. Should be very interesting to test this.
I will most likely need some sort of compartment for this
since the cables are pretty fragile and might break when inserting
or removing the 50 pin cables from each socket! 
2) My session companion. This or Blair's Death Rain chips... *drool*

I'm thinking about designing a PCB to replace the motherboard, or simply purchasing either a P-ROC or Ben Heck's custom board. Personally I like Ben's version better, but the P-ROC is verified and used by numerous projects. But my "I can do it"-spirit says that a custom made PCB would indeed be very cool.

It will have to wait for a while - until the current setup breaks that is.

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