Saturday, August 4, 2012

State of the Machine

With less than six hours on familiar grounds, work continued on the pinball machine...

1) Almost all bulb holders and assemblies are in place now. Still talking about the lower level, the upper level is still miles away.
2) It's basically a completed machine, more or less!
I've also started re-recording all animation data. But things are progressing slowly at the moment!


  1. lots of screwing ;) So going bulbs eh. I'm going leds, bulbs use too much power, and I'm sick of the burnouts and doing replacements! Going with diffused leds for my GI. I had been thinking light pipes, that would be pretty cool but finding what I wanted was expensive :/

    also noticed you have your playfield hanging brackets screwed to the top of your PF. I've always seen them screwend from below. I guess as long as you have your 6-7 degree incline it does not matter.

  2. Actually, the light holders fit both LED and regular bulbs so they will be swappable without any changes. The light board will be able to handle up to +35VDC so I could in theory use it to power additional solenoids etc. I'm planing to use LED's for the global illumination lights and bumper lights. :)
    I placed the brackets this way because of the (rather humongous) Big Daddy figure that will be in the back of the board - If I would have placed them in a regular position the angle would be wrong. :) But there's a T-nut on the other side so it should hold. I hope!

    And yes... a LOT of screwing.
    Luckily I got my hands on a electric screwdriver which saved me some despair... :P