Monday, July 16, 2012

Screw you, hardware!

I've begun attaching some hardware to the playfield, but man - it's taking time!
Since many of the parts hasn't had their holes predrilled I'll have to be careful not to mount anything in the way of the next part etc.

I've got most of the stand-up targets in place and the metal rails as well. The main loop rail is not yet in place since I need to verify the return angles so there's a good flow in the shots before bolting it down. I also need to cut a couple of through-hole pins on some of the guides since their blocking/being blocked by the hardware underneath.

 Thank <insert your higher power here> for reversible targets...

1) Underneath the skin. It will probably never be this clean / neat again. Lots and lots of hardware and cables will cover almost all areas of the playfield soon! 
2) The right drophole/saucer revisited. The DNA standup targets are in place, along with the metal rails etc.
The playfield plastics are just for show at the moment, since they will be removed before inserting lamps etc.
Although I have an idea for the color scheme, I guess I'll have to adapt to whatever looks the best for each spot.  

3) Reversed look of the flipper and drain area. I wasn't (and still isn't) sure exactly how the drain guides and their holes should be placed, so I improvised there.. but it works as intended so I guess we're good! 

4) Mr Bubbles targets. I'm still not sure about using this standup target... even thou it is rather funny and goes quite
well with the little sisters vision of the Big Daddies... They're viewed as cuddly gentle giants and are called 'Mr Bubbles'. The various corpses around the world are referred to as 'Angels' as a part of the brainwashing they've experienced in quest for ADAM... I might have to put a little padding behind the targets thou.

By the way, does anyone recognize what game the stand-up target is originally from?   

5) Overview of the playfield. At the moment the playfield plastics kind of melts in into the playfield (visually, that is) but I figure the will be more separated once lighting is in place etc. Also, everything looks rather barren without the rubbers - not to mention the lack of the entire upper playfield and ramps...  


  1. Fråga eller frågesport? Last Action Hero är svaret oavsett!

  2. Frågesport... Men du vann! ;)