Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Failing Day

Two times I've failed miserably today, maybe it's time to call it a day and just do something else for a while.

I was eager to test my new sanding blocks and sanding papers I've bought.
Unfortunately they did work and covered the entire apartment in a thin layer of dust. That's just dandy.
While not technically a failure, this could be easily avoided by moving outdoors (I already had the extension coord and everything plugged in...)

1) Nice and smooth. About 312 hours of cleaning the apartment remains.

I masked the whitemask today and thought I should spraypaint it.

2) Whitemask striped! Looking sharp, although slightly offset to the left due to my master  overlay skills.

Said and done.
After a minute or so the paint started to bubble and get all lumpy around the inserts.
For some reason I used Novus on the inserts before painting and the paint and Novus didn't mix. At all.
Hopefully I'll be able to sand it down but right now I'm feeling rather miserable. 

3) Lumpy Deluxe. To quote Dr Steinman - Ugly...ugly....ugly!

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