Monday, June 25, 2012

As Mötley said - "Toys, toys, toys" wait..

Spent a little time designing the toys, or more precisely, various plastic objects that will cover the bare metal objects etc for a more coherent look. This part is the Vent-cover for one of the VUK/dropholes:

1) Plastic Vent-cover. The piece will be resting on two posts and thus will be elevated about three cm from the playfield. It's made of clear flexible plastic painted from the inside, so hopefully it will withstand minor hits without paint flaking off etc. 

2) The flip-side.
The colors look a lot more off than in reality due to the materials different reflection properties, but I'll probably need to add a little more red/bronze into the mix to even out the differences. I'm not that fond of how it turned out actually, but there's time to tweak...

When the decorations start I believe this to be the equivalent of doll-houses for adults.... I can totally see myself spending hours hiding cables away from the players view, adding detail to toys/figures etc.

Looking forward to it!

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