Friday, May 25, 2012

Hinges of Steel

Finished the major elements of the backbox today!

I mounted the speakerpanel on a a piano hinge and it works and looks rather good actually. The downside is that it's a little too short so I'll probably need to cover up the edge with a rubber strip or similar.

1) The speakerpanel in a open position. What's not visible in this picture is that I've also
fixed the speaker cables so that they can be easily detached from the speakers if needed. 

I also (finally) got the backglass finished and put in its rightful place!
It's basically a high quality decal that is sandwiched in between two layers of crystal clear PVC. It gives me a nice surface that can be cleaned (with alcohol, if needed) and keeps the decal scratch free.

2) The plastic sandwich. Looking pretty sharp! 

The back glass lights up just enough so that the printing is visible, which was the goal. I was afraid the colors might become too washed out or not illuminated at all, but it turned out just right.

3) Illuminated backglass. There's a pretty strong reflection from the sun, but from the players point of view
it's looks perfect! There's also a slight light bleeding from the fluorescent tube shining through the edges
that needs to be corrected. 

4) Another angle of the completed backbox.

Now I'll just have to wait another week until the playfield is routed!

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