Saturday, April 7, 2012

Those noisy rules...

Despite the lack of updates recently, quite a lot of work has been done on the machine.

I've evened out the surface of the cabinet including repainting and filling various dents and differences that would be visible through the decals when applied. That took quite a while to do. With a little luck the surface should be ideal for the decals now.

I've also begun recreating the speaker panel on the head, since the one I have now is not ideal - the display hole is a bit too small and the panel itself is slightly arched due to the nature of the wood I've used. I'm thinking it should be possible creating the panel in acrylic to get small or no edges between the artwork and the "glass". I might also do a combination with a wooden frame overlaid with a acrylic surface.

I've begun the selection of sound clips and combining them with the ruleset. I've used up around 180 samples out of 255 possible for sound effects and around 30 samples for music - while still filling all the major elements. The extra slots can be used to create variations of the elements already in place, avoiding hearing the same sample whenever you hit the same target repeated times, for example. I could also flesh out the current features allowing additional Splicers to take part etc.

The plan is to have two identical sets of sound samples for the sound effects and one unique set for music.
With a little planing I could vary the two sound effect sets slightly - for instance, all mode start samples for a specific mode could be limited to only one card since no other samples will be playing during that time.
But I do want to avoid this since that would require special code to handle each case instead of just "playSound(x)". But in case space is running out...

Some of the features I've planed I'm having troubles finding sound samples for. I might have to wing it a little and either create my own samples or use external sound samples outside the Bioshock universe...

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